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Progress on the water temple!  Hall of judgement finished.  All I need to do on the main building now is the wings then I can finish the underground work and start the out buildings!

Today’s progress on the water temple.  

Made some progress on my water temple.  

When I’m finished at least 75% of it will be underground out of sight.  I’m also going to have underground tunnels that lead away from the main building and pop up to the side.  The side buildings will have no doors and can only be accessed by swimming through the underwater corridors. 

A few random screens from my ever-growing city. 

Revising and expanding my water temple idea.  Every place you see with Prismarine will be filled with water.  Underneath the houses in that large prismarine basin there’s already 5 huge chambers filled with water that you gain access to through drop offs under the square houses. 

Still a work in progress, will update as things change. 

I was unhappy with the way the ocean monument thing looked in the pre-release.  So I made my own how it SHOULD look.  I didn’t build mine in the ocean though.   You enter through a shaft in the top.  You come to a small chamber.  It opens up into two single rooms on the side, or one big chamber if you go straight ahead.  Straight through the large chamber you come to a long narrow room with an alter at the end.  If you go back to the main chamber you’ll find two identical chambers on either side with a depression in the floor. 

I kind of regret not getting these screenshots BEFORE I filled it with water.

My temple/cathedral thing is coming along. 

Extreme Hills + biome with the ocean level raised up by about 20 blocks.  Turned the biome into a great wintery island wonderland. 

The lighthouse that guides ships into Scarlet Harbor.

Some closer shots of Scarlet Castle.