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My temple/cathedral thing is coming along. 

Extreme Hills + biome with the ocean level raised up by about 20 blocks.  Turned the biome into a great wintery island wonderland. 

The lighthouse that guides ships into Scarlet Harbor.

Some closer shots of Scarlet Castle. 

Here’s just a little peek of the castle and waterfront I’ve been working on!

Red River Ranch!  Aw yeah!  There’s 2 villages within visual range of this place too!

So I’ve been using the /summon EnderDragon command quite a bit when I’m inside hillsides.  The dragon will tear through the blocks in the area and leave these nice, giant open looking caves.  

Once I have a nice open cave, I turn it into a city, or a camp ground.  The hole I have featured in the last screen is where the dragon died.  it leaves that hole in the ground above where it dies.

"I’ll build a small city council building" I said… Then it fucking turned into a cathedral. 

I have a thing for desert temples, I don’t know what it is.  Rather than building a temple from scratch as a temple.  I found this naturally spawned temple, and I modified it for people to live in.